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tv   Today  NBC  September 1, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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back now with more of "today" on a wednesday morning, september 1, 2010. we have a great day on tap for the people who have come down to our plaza this morning. i'm matt lauer, along with ann curry and tamron hall. tamron, nice to have you here. >> thank you. >> natalee is inside with the news, we'll get to her in just a minute. coming up in this half hour, we're going to talk about actor michael douglas, we knew he was battling cancer, last night we learned that it's stage 4 cancer
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on the david letterman show. and we're going to have more on that and the latest on the prognosis for that. he's really upbeat and encouraged and we're really keeping our fingers crossed. >> a lot of us are pulling for michael douglas. also coming up, we're going to be talking about this wedding couple, this wonderful melissa and jeremy, we have been talking about the reception, and the rings, now the wedding scene. we're going to be talking about that, because it's an important thing for the couple. >> what else is going on? >> also a lot of parents busy assembly school supplies, but a lot of kids are more concerned about their new wardrobe. i laid out all my clothes. >> that's why you're always so put together. >> a lot of parents are putting together wardrobes for their kids and you want to do it on a budget. we're going to tell you what the coolest kids are wearing.
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a little glitter. natalee's standing by at the news desk who's got a check of all the headlines. >> good morning, matt, ann and tamron. and as they mentioned, the east coast is bracing for a brush with hurricane earl and this morning evacuations were ordered for cape hatteras and ocrocoke island. meanwhile fema teams are in puerto rico and the virgin islands to assess the damage from earl's powerful winds that tore through homes and toppled trees. al will have the latest on the track of the storm coming up in just a minute. president obama will try to jump-start peace talks meeting with arab and israeli leaders. last night the president declared an end to combat operations in iraq and says the most urgent problem now is to fix the economy. meanwhile joe biden is in iraq for the transition ceremony. he said he believes iraq is close to forming a government.
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alaska's post republican senate primary has now been decided. during the night senator lisa markowsky conceded the race to her opponent joe miller. some scary moments for more than 200 passengers aboard a quantas flight that was having engine problems. cell phone video from one of the passengers captured sparks flying from the engine shortly after taking off. the plane landed safely. and swedish divers have found a sunken cashe on the sea floor. the bottles are believed e ebe back out to matt, ann and tamron. i wonder if it tastes good.
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on the outer banks of north carolina, that's the area in question, we're not sure exactly where hurricane earl was headed. you knew where al would be, he would be right in the path of the storm. >> reporter: we hope it will stay way offshore and leaves us alone, we'll wait and see if that happens. earl right now, a category 3 storm, 125-mile-per-hour winds, 780 miles south/southeast of cape hatteras, moving north/northwest at 16 miles an hour. we have hurricane watches up along much of the north carolina coast. we mentioned hatteras island and ocrocoke island, both being in mandatory evacuations. we see the path of earl coming right up along the carolina shoreline sometime thursday night into early friday morning. the tropical storm force winds extend out 200 miles from the center of the storm. it will hug along the coast,
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hopefully missing cape cod, they haven't seen a hurricane hit since bob in 1991. we also have fiona to talk about, fiona has strengthened, it's now up to 55-mile-per-hour winds, 140 miles east of the leeward islands, it's moving to the west/northwest at 16. and there's another system we're keeping an eye on, this one just coming off the african coast, there's a 60% chance it's going to become a tropical cyclone. if it does, it will be gaston. we're starting to see the atlantic heating up because we're getting right into the hearth >> we are off to another quiet start, but it is going to be a hot day to day. mid-nineties this afternoon, as the sun shine.
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>> and that's your latest weather. and now actor michael douglas in his fight against throat cancer. last night he shocked late-night tv viewers by admitting it's stage 4. but douglas is confident he can beat it. >> reporter: michael douglas looked a bit thinner than the stoic actor that we have come to know, but was upbeat on stage when greeted by david letterman. just three weeks ago, douglas learned of his diagnosis, stage 4 throat cancer, dangerous and potentially deadly. >> i finished my first week of radiation and chemo. >> you have never looked better to me and this proves that you're a tough guy. >> reporter: always an entertainer, the tone on the late show was light. >> i found out about it three weeks ago. i said, gee, just when i found out i was going to be on your show.
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>> reporter: but the subject matter was serious. >> and you don't sound like you have throat cancer. >> no. >> why is that? >> because i'm on stage. >> reporter: douglas says his cancer was caused by years of smoking and drinking, still, he likes his odds, he says there's an 80% chance he'll have a full recovery. >> the big thing you worry about is if it's spreading. >> reporter: douglas has had one of the most successful years in hollywood history. but this year has been a difficult one. in april, his oldest son coamern was sentenced to five years on drug charges. >> i would have said greed is good. why don't you start calling me gordon. >> reporter: and just as his "wall street" see quill hits the big screen, his wife is suing him for 50% of his earnings from the movie.
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>> reporter: douglas is suffering from a cancer that could- >> the radiation continues to burn your mouth. >> did they find it early enough for their liking? >> i sure hope so. >> reporter: the 65-year-old resolute and still upbeat. >> i feel like i want to do something for you, can i do something for you? >> give me a hug. >> all right, by god. >> reporter: letterman gave him a hug, the audience gave him a standing ovation. for "today," nbc news los angeles. and now here's natalee. >> all right, tamron, this morning on "today's" money 911, advice for your financial emergencies, we're deciphering this as for debt consolation, if you're considering a reverse mortgage.
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today's financial editor and author of money 911 carmen wong ulrich and karen epperson is cnbc's personal financial correspondent. >> i give total credit to anthony on that one. let's start because we have got a lot here. the first question is a video sent in by one of our viewers, amy from maine. >> i am a single parent who works full-time. i don't make a lot of money. my son is currently 3 years old and i'm do my best to set aside money for his college education. we have a 529 with a balance of under $500. what is the best way to make the most of the money i can contribute. >> jean, i love that her son is only 3 years old and she's already thinking about his college education, because we all need to start thinking about it earlier. >> keep adding to it, you're almost there.
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i want you to look at the roth ira, because the fact that you don't make a ton of money tells me that you're not fully funding your retirement. the roth ira is the answer. you can put aside money and then use it for retirement or for college later. put as much as you can into it. $5,000 a year if possible. you want to invest it in an age appropriate way, so you're taking less risk as your children get older, fewer risks and use it to pay for whatever you need down the line. >> you got to think about you. >> yeah, absolutely. because it's hard. >> next a question sent in by michael who says how do you get actions removed from your credit rating, i recently became aware of an activity that has adversely affected my score. i had nothing to do with it and i want to have this removed and my store restored to the maximum level. >> you're going to have to get
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in touch with two separate people. who did you have this interaction with. contact them directly. and that information should be on your credit report. go to all three of your credit reports, you have to see where this action is, all three of your reports may not have it. you have to contact the credit reporting agency where you have this action. you have to dispute it by certified mail. you want to keep a record of everyone you talk to, the time, the date and the confirmation numbers. because the more information you have, the more likely they will dispute this and remove it. if you need to go further, go to, you can go further and dispute it until it's gone. >> next you have dede from denver, colorado. what's your question for us? >> good morning, i'm a college student and my credit card debt is almost at $10,000. and i hear advertisements all time for debt consolation, is it a good idea and what do you look
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for in a program or company? >> sharon, you got some help there? >> i hear those offers as well and they sound so great, right? but often because they sound too good to be true they are too good to be true. what they want to do the say we'll do it for you in one easy payment, they're going to tack on a fee for that. they're going to do what you should be doing, basically they're going to try to negotiate your interest rate with the creditor. they're going to extend your repayment period. go to a website like, you can find out by adding $25 extra a month to that $10,000, say your average rate of 15%, you can knock down your interest by $2,000 you can knock down the time it's going to take to pay that off from ten years to two years. go to nonprofit credit
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counseling. >> and can i say stop spending? if you're $10,000 in debt, you're a college student, it's time to pump the brakes and figure out where is your money going and why are you in such a deep hole and do you need to make a significant lifestyle change in order to preserve your financial life for your future. >> you really want to see where you're spending that money, that's a good way to keep track. >> let's get to this e-mail because it's a great one. i think people who are older are in this position a lot. susan of palm beach, florida. my best friends are in their 70s they have very little savings less and their social security is less than their expenses. they don't want to sell their home and are considering a reverse mortgage. >> it may be a very good idea because they're in their 70s. you have to be at least 62 to
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take a out a reverse mortgage. you want a federally insured mortgage. it's hecm. go to private and look for the lenders that provide this type of loan. it is not going to be cheap. you can't really get into this without a cost of about $10,000, but if they are really trying to stay in this home forever, it could provide them with a little bit of an extra cushion to get through the next 20 years. >> great answers to all the questions. keep these questions coming to us. if you have questions for our experts go to we're going to answer as many as we can in the coming weeks. still ahead, we'll have the latest back to school fashions. your kids are going to love -- that's my boys. but first, how do get those
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taylor's -- today's modern love is brought to you by chevy, a 100,000 mile/five-year power train warranty. creating your perfect wedding scene from an all white design to a wedding reception inspireded by italy. creating your ultimate wedding could look a little pricey. collin is back to show us how we can get those extravagant wedding looks for less. what should you be thinking about when you choose your theme? >> i think you ought to look at the big picture, first of all forget screvienna or spain. >> you have an interesting trick
9:19 am
with this first theme, which is the all white theme. >> i think a lot of brides love an all white theme. i love to focus on the color. what's interesting here, became a coleman lantern. look how beautiful that glows. >> that is just stunning, that is just made with a -- >> a coleman lantern. >> let's show people because i want them to see it. >> this will add festive to the room and makes it much more interesting to the eye. >> everything else that you like that's white. >> it's very romantic. this is baby's breath, you can find it year round. i also love the idea of personalized menu cards. it really makes a big difference. >> let's move to italy, because i like this one, this looks very comfortable and warm.
9:20 am
>> this is wonderful. >> instead of flowers, you're using. >> you put flowers abundantly into a small container, it gives you a look at abundance. you scattered these along the table, candles, and the fruit. and there is a salt and pepper shakers, olive oils, bottles of wine. helping with this, helping with that. >> and then you've got somebody sign the names for the place markers and what's nice about this, which is lovely and people can smell that. but this feels like a table where you're going to sit at and you're going to have a great conversation and some great wine. tell us about this table that's very pretty. >> you want to look more avant-garde and tremendous color. the thing about this table is the centerpiece.
9:21 am
>> you can use them right next to each other. >> you use or kids to add a little bit of extravagance. >> just inside a little bowl. it's the easiest thing in the world to do that. >> bringing it all to us, thank you so much for being here twice this morning and for these good ideas for the wedding theme. and coming up here on "today," that p
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and we have got one last little piece of wedding business to take care of. september 30, live here on the plaza. and last week we showed the couple three wedding favors. >> the option was the new sony 3-d visual camera and the 300 classic instant camera. so we let jeremy and melissa talk it over because this is the only gift you get to decide. what did you guys end up choose ing. we ended up choosing the sony digital camera. >> you wanted that because you wanted everybody to be able to have that? >> i just think it's a great gift and everybody can use it, everybody uses cameras. >> you can hook it right up to your computer. >> and it's a gift that might
9:25 am
keep on giving because they'll send you pictures. >> by the way, we want to mention to everybody that you still have to choose their reception, and if you want to help them, go to and we'll be right back after these messages. [ female announcer ] fiber has never looked better. all-natural benefiber. the fiber supplement that's tasteless and dissolves completely. to make getting fiber easier. that's the beauty of benefiber. thanks. i got the idea from general mills big g cereals. they put a white check on the top of every box
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>> live, local, latebreaking. this is a wbal-tv 11 news update. >> it is going to be another hot day today. temperatures will climb into the mid-90's. 92 to 97, mostly sunny, with at the old hays in the air. it will cool off as we head into the weekend. the weekend. " fraud on friday
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as a career prosecutor i made decisions on facts not politics. in washington, i'm trying to do the same. that's why i voted to crackdown on wall street and protect the bay. and why i voted against the $3 trillion budget, the big bank bailout, and against the health care bill. you see for me it's not about democrats or republicans it's about common sense and doing what's best for our families. maybe that's why i'm ranked one of the most independent members of congress. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message.
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♪ those are some of the pretty dresses on sunday nigh, at the red carpet at the prime time emmy awards. and if you followed along with some of the fashions, but you don't have the money to buy these fashions, we have some look alikes and that's coming up tomorrow here on "today." in the meantime, speaking of fashions, we're actually going to go back to school and take a look at fashions and we have got some very special young people to help us do it. >> it's all in the family here today, we have got some very special models that are going to show off some of the hottest styles for back to school season and how to get the most out of each outfit.
9:31 am
>> you'll see them coming up. and help for your hair, changing your hairstyle can give you a real boost of confidence, but if you need some encouragement, we have some information on updating your look. some people get a hairstyle they like and keep it for years and they get in a rut. >> i have had the same hairstyle for years. >> let's also talk about what's going on in today's kitchen because a lot of us don't know how to cook with lemon grass and we're going to get some ideas about that. because a lot of times you go out to a restaurant and you get some lemon grass in foods and it tastes really great. but first, with hurricane earl aiming at the outer banks, we should go to al roker in kill devil hills, north carolina with the forecast this morning. hey, al. >> reporter: hey, thanks a lot, ann and right now a gorgeous day
9:32 am
here along the outer banks, they have issued mandatory evacuations for both ocrocoke island and hatteras island, the only way on or off those islands is by ferry. even though the past stays offshore, a little bit of a wobble in that path and earl comes onshore as a category 3 storm. let's look at your weekend and show you for tomorrow, we are looking at wet weather, i should say today, we are looking at wet weather in the pacific northwest, but much of the country, lots of sunshine, really hot in the northeast, with temperatures well up into the mid to upper 90s, slight risk of strong storms back through the central plains, for tomorrow, we do see earl offshore and mabrying some rain bands, some very distant rain bands coming along the coastline of the carolinas, sizzling in the southwest, mild in the northwest, slight risk of strong storms through the upper great
9:33 am
>> we are off to another quiet start today. high temperatures just like yesterday. hazy >> and that's your latest weather. >> all right, al, thank you so much. coming up, we're talking about what's hot in back to school fashions. we have got a beautiful model right here. >> he's already learning his words here. >> oh, go, michael. endless. but the other night even the pasta was endless. whoa, whoa, wait. so i get to choose any sauce and pasta then just keep trying them in different combinations? yea, nice, huh? yea, real nice. announcer: the never ending pasta bowl is back.
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rich, silky, smooth yogurt with desserty flavors like strawberry cheesecake, blueberry cheesecake, and peach cobbler. and because it's activia, it helps regulate my digestive system. mmm. works for me. ♪ activia new activia dessert. this morning on back to school today, back to school fashion, the focus on any school year, it's hard not to get excited about a batch of new threads. today our contributor jill martin has all the back to school must-haves. good morning, jill. >> good morning. >> a lot of cool fashions for
9:38 am
kids. >> the scary thing is i want everything. i'm wearing half the things. and we're starting with very special models here. >> and like i said, we have got all in the family. my little guy josh, he's coming out and he's got the whole cargo plaid thing going on. this is very popular. >> and we had luke a little earlier but he's been up since 4:30 in the morning. they were both in plaid and cargo, if you were going to buy two things for your kids, jean, and the second pair of pants should be cargo pants. look at your backpack, you got a cool backpack too. >> this is a cool backpack. and very in for the kids this year. and you see the plaid shirt open with the t-shirt. >> so the whole stripe and plaid thing is okay? >> we saw that on luke, but if you're dressing your kid, it doesn't happen to be matchy, matchy. >> i love that, it's a little
9:39 am
grateful dead t-shirt on. he has no idea who they are, but that's okay. so let's move on to our next group of kids out here, and modeling for us are "today" show senior producer mark victor's two girls, morgan and drew. look how cute they are. >> morgan is going to second grade, drew is going into first grade, and these outfits are unbelievably adorable. >> i love the cargo pants. >> this is so nicky, which is a very groovy brand, and the leggings are huge for back to school. and these are the cargo leggings which i love and crop tops are big. i don't think you should ever show your stomach at any age. so you layer them with tanks and the boots are in and of course all the jewels. >> love the bling. >> everything is sweats you've got like peace signs and all kinds of things going on there, very cute and the boots
9:40 am
are adorable too. >> and layering are also the big thing. you buy basics and layer them up. >> you know that's the flash dance look. they had in idea. -- no idea. mom and dad knew what i was talking about, but the kids don't know what flash dance is. >> let's take a look at our next adorable young models. we have got "today" show hairstylist's son michael, he's going into second grade here, and cynthia going into sixth grade. and they have got so many different trends going on here. >> michael i love it. this is 77 by american eagle and these are huge trends. look out, michael, so we can see you, these are huge trends, obviously denim. and they're great, they're under $30. go, michael. and so whatever fits your child the best.
9:41 am
they have all different looks. and rock on, michael. a lot of the boys started wearing -- you did a very good job. so a lot of the boys are actually wearing skinny jeans now, but of course jeans always. t-shirts and the sweatshirts and the hoodies. 7 77. >> well done, rock on, michael. next we have models laura and hanna who are both going into the eighth grade and they also have the leggings look, the jeggins, combination of jeans and leggings. it's about the jeggins.
9:42 am
silly bands are still. they say all different things. i have besties on for your best friend. they all say different things, beaver babe is one. so these are huge for kids. then again shop down to earth >> and i love this little biker jacket. gorgeous. >> we would wear this too. it's by converse. >> does it come in my size? i'll take all of them. >> does this come in my size? great job, let's bring all the models out for one last look. come over here, josh, well done, bud, well done. good job, everybody. all right, joan martin, thanks. you all are amazing. yeah, everybody dance, boogie on out of here. up next, we have got the answer to our hair problems, from body to cut. it's a dance friday.
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[ man ] ♪ today the world looks mighty fine ♪ [ women ] ♪ pop-tarts happy sunshine time! ♪ [ man ] ♪ grab a pop-tart and you might just start ♪ ♪ to sing songs like a meadow lark ♪ ♪ stretch and yawn ♪ blow a kiss to mom ♪ cause pop-tarts mornings are the bomb ♪ ♪ so, rise and shiiiiine this morning on "today's" beauty, hair solutions, we you
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don't have to be ambushed to get a new do. you can do it at home. louis vicary at the answers for all of your hair care solutions. >> it's tough for women to reach out and try to change their look, especially when you're doing it at home yourself. >> the hardest person to look at is yourself, so that's the advantage of going to a salon so someone with fresh eyes can look at you, so you are right on target. >> we have got the fresh eyes and we're starting off with neo. what's your question for lewis? >> i'm 46 years old and i have a 4-year-old son, so i would really like a cut that's low maintenance. before i had a child, i had a really cool, edgy cut, i just don't feel that anymore. and i would like to stop dyeing my hair. so what i'm wondering is, the new modern shags, big swinging pieces, is that too young for
9:48 am
me? >> heck no. of course not. in fact if you're choosing to stop to color your hair, the hair cut is so essential. it's all important. what you have to do is you have to make sure it's shaped perfectly around your face. you have asian hair obviously so it shows every cut. so a few layers placed not too short, shape it around the face, and don't worry about looking young from the back old from the front. you look young from the front and from the back. >> is the hair cut she's thinking about something that's easy to maintain? >> especially with a child an he's thinking about no coloring her hair so obviously she's really concerned with low maintenance, so it should devil with a wash anding wear hair do. >> and her son is adorable. our next question is from dana, via e-mail. she says what to do about thinning hair as we age. women have this problem, so what
9:49 am
do you do? >> i'm so happy to hear this question, first of all, this is something that's almost universal. many women are of course born with hair that does become thinner, but many women, most women, hair does become thinner as the aging process progresses. it's not unique to men. i have a thinning hair problem, but there are many ways to treat it. you can get monoxidil or rogain. there's a fiber building product, you can use volumizers, the other thing for fine here is don't let it grow too long. >> a shorter cut? >> because the longer it grows, the more it will split and it will look thinner, split meaning that you'll actually see through it. chin length maximum length. >> thank you very much, lewis, great seeing you and gate questions from our viewers.
9:50 am
up next, add some asian flavor to your next dinner party. but first this is "today" on nbc.
9:51 am
9:52 am
this morning on "today's" kitchen, adding some asian flavor, the other than of the restaurant called blue ginger and he's also the host of simply ming on public television. and today he's going to teach us to cook with lemon grass. lemon grass is something we often eat in restaurants but we don't know how to use ourselves. >> so there's two ways of using it. they come like this. i like to use a mallet or a hammer like this. and you see this little edge, so you want to keep banging this. what i'm doing here, is i'm just getting fibers loose. so when you have this -- >> may i try that? >> certainly. >> oh, boy. good way to get your aggression
9:53 am
out. >> you want to use basically this nice juicy part. the green part is not nearly as flavorful. and what you do, you use it to infuse a broth like this. this is a simple lemon grass soup. i want you to try a little bit. and you'll see that there's large pieces of lemon grass which i actually like to place with it so people realize there's lemon grass there. you don't want to eat that, because it's so tough. but you can really taste that, right? >> my gosh, it's fantastic. and how long when you cook it? >> that's just 30 minutes. >> and that just really adds to the soup. that is amazing, i've got to say. is it easy to find lemon grass? >> it used to be really rare, but now you can find lemon grass anywhere. i'm makie inine ining tre iningt brown.
9:54 am
if you want to repel mosquitoes, rub lemon grass on yourself. the citronella candles, they're made out of lemon grass. ike going to make this garlic, and we do it kind of like a pilaf. then rice goes in. there's lemon juice and lemon zest. scallions. cranberries. hand me that stock over there, that goes in here. >> you cook that up. >> you cook this and all this chicken goes back. this goes into an oven, 22 minutes of or so. >> 22 to 25 minutes. >> there we go. >> and so right hewe have the p
9:55 am
it's so delicious. >> the girls are coming in. come on, girls, here you go. >> i love lemon grass. >> do you know how to cook with it? >> now i know. >> lemon grass, you can make a syr syrup. this is a lemon grass ice cream float which is delicious. >> thanks for helping us remember that food does not have to be boring. coming up, we're going c
9:56 am
9:57 am
>> live, local, latebreaking. this is a wbal-tv 11 news update. >> it is going to be another hot day today. air quality will be in the cold
9:58 am
pour range. code red. still hot tomorrow, but it gets better as we go into the weekend. slight chance of thunderst
9:59 am
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